Sample Workshops

Interview & Resume Workshops


We customize these programs in the form of HR panels and/or  interactive workshops where the participants can role play, engage, and network with industry leaders

  • Presentation & Personality
  • Importance of networking
  • Detailed fundamentals of interviewing (From Prep to Meeting to Follow Up)
  • Job search & Career Prep Tips
  • Formatting your resume into a document that you feel confident in and that’s appealing to potential employers

Treatment Workshops

  • How to write an effective treatment
  • How to convey/present your idea in a concise, but creative and visually appealing manner
  • How to make your treatment stand out
  • The importance of (the right) imagery
  • Practice doing mock treatments
  • Director Panels

Networking Workshops

  • The importance of networking
  • How to network while being authentic
  • Role playing with industry volunteers