Roundtable Discussions


We connect with high schools, community colleges, and creative training organizations to conduct informal discussions/focus groups from approximately 10 to 30 particpants

We gather information including the following:

  • Ensure we’re creating a platform where they feel inspired and connected
  • Ask thoughtful questions to help us craft different areas of the platform
  • Their views and perspectives regarding College
  • Hear honest feedback and suggestions about the Pipelines platform and how we can make it even better
  • See what kinds of programs, events, workshops they would find most useful and engaging
  • Hear about the barriers they may experience in regards to career preparation and their creative pursuits
  • Their unique views about diversity & inclusion and what it means to and for them

We also form a discussion segment regarding the following as it relates to their career paths:

  • Debilitation vs. Empowerment
  • Proactivity vs. Reactivity
  • Pursuing a career for passion vs. for money