Our Vision

a platform for people and companies who are serious about  making a real difference. 

Melina Matsoukas at Ghetto Film School

Melina Matsoukas at Ghetto Film School

The fact is, this isn’t the kind of problem that we can just put a band-aid on.  While helpful, industry mandates and diversity quotas don’t actually address the core of the issue.  Why are the tech and entertainment industries so white and male?  It’s that emerging talent in minority groups are extremely underrepresented, let alone given the opportunities to begin with. 

The problem is systemic. 

This isn’t about giving anyone who says they want to be a creative a shot – it’s about providing more accessible opportunities to develop and hone their talents so we can start to see talented people in our industries that actually reflect society. 

The PIPELINES mobile app doesn’t simply connect underrepresented talent, high school and college students to opportunities, but using customizable filters and geo-location technologies, finds the right opportunities for them. 

Our vision is for PIPELINES to become THE platform for scholarship, networking and opportunity — helping to encourage, inspire, and promote important voices that are rarely heard, yet very necessary in these industries.