Access. Opportunity. Change.


The PIPELINES mobile app connects underrepresented talent with opportunities in our tech, entertainment, and creative industries.


What's the problem?


The diversity problem in our industry isn’t a secret.  It’s been a glaring fact that the world of technology, advertising, and entertainment is majority white male.  We need more voices, stories, and leaders in our creative industries that actually reflect society.


What is Pipelines?


The PIPELINES mobile discovery app doesn't just connect underrepresented talent, high school, and college students with these industries, but using customizable filters and geo-location technologies, finds the right opportunities for them. 

The PIPELINES Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on career and creative development for emerging talent and aspiring creatives.


Why is Pipelines the answer?


Think of the PIPELINES app as Tinder meets LinkedIn.  It’s a model that has already been adopted by other successful apps designed to connect emerging talent and young professionals with companies looking to hire them.  

PIPELINES focuses on closing the access gap for underrepresented talent wanting to pursue creative careers.  The app easy to use, engaging, and creates a more direct path to opportunities!


For Students & Talent


Download the app to browse opportunities and start connecting to jobs and training programs in your area of interest!



Become a partner


Join the many companies who have already signed up to commit to changing the landscape of our industry by creating more internship, apprenticeship, job, and training opportunities.